Boundless is a newsletter sent (most) weeks that offers Paul’s thoughts on our relationship with work, the history of work, self-employment, a criticism of culture PR, creativity, learning, reading and other fun topics.

He shares his writing, features reader stories and tries to go deeper than “work-life balance” in trying to understand our current state of work.

Who am I?

I “retired” from the corporate world in 2017 after ten years of working in strategy consulting and succeeding at the default path. I didn’t follow FIRE or anything like that. I just couldn’t do it any longer. I had pretended to be someone I wasn’t for too long.

My writing is focused on making sense of our weird relationship to work and how one might design a fulfilling life in the 21st century. I also write about creating online, carving an alternative life path, philosophy, business and strategy.

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👋 Hey there! I'm Paul Millerd and I write Boundless each week. I typically sit down for a few hours on Friday or Saturday and share what I’ve been thinking and interesting things I’ve read as well as use this as a space to work out half-baked thoughts which may or may not go anywhere.

I wrote a Book!

The Pathless Path is a book about my journey shifting from getting ahead (achieve, achieve, achieve!) towards a path where I instead orient around “coming alive.”

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Here are some projects and other things I am working on:

  • 💫 Reinvent Toolkit ($50): A series of tools I use to help me navigate life off the default path

  • Boundless is where I write and share deeper essays and explorations

  • 🏫 StrategyU is where I run Think Like A Strategy consultant, a digital course teaching people strategy consulting “secrets.”

  • 🎙 Reimagine Work is my podcast and can be found across all the platforms. E-mail me guest suggestions here.

  • 🤝 One of my biggest goals is to make friends across the world. I interact with curious people and explore ideas on Twitter, sometimes share pictures on Instagram and try to awaken corporate America on LinkedIn.

  • 🙋‍♀️I have a few no-agenda curiosity conversations with people each week. Please sign up if that sounds interesting!