February 18th, 2023: Greetings from Austin. I’m winding down some of my work this week and starting to shift into preparing for baby mode. Two or so weeks to go…I’m quite excited. +I’m hosting a live Q&A accessible to paid subscribers in Find The Others on Tuesday. You can
Hey Boundless readers! I’m off on paternity leave for March and am handing over the reins to some trusted friends. Today’s guest issue is hosted by Kris…
I’ve really been enjoying the first few weeks of being a dad. There’s a lot to learn but so far it’s been far better than I ever could have expected…
Parental Approval on the Pathless Path
A Guest Essay by Alice Lemée on Her Own Pathless Path
Non-doing, Embodied Exercise, Gardening, & More
PLUS: The Operating Manual for Your Nervous System & The Myth of ‘Facts Over Feelings’
Hey all - just wanted to send a quick note about the podcast episode I dropped this morning. Also wanted to reshare this link that wasn’t working a…
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